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Study after study shows that refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers who have access to a legal defense are much more successful in navigating the broken US judicial system than those who don't. Unfortunately, most will never have a chance. This is why we designed the reputable individuals corp. The law states that an asylum seeker can be represented by a lawyer, paralegal, or a reputable individual. In order to ensure that each asylum seeker has access to justice, we are on a mission to train an army of representatives who will stand with our brothers in sisters during their court hearing and help share the process with the rest of the world.




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Send us an email and let us know you want to get involved. We'll let you know available dates for training.


Join us for a full-day training on immigration law and how you can stand with asylum seekers

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Stand with refugees as they seek justice in court


Spread the Word

Help us spread the word and share the stories of our brothers and sisters in need

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Serve at the border

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Regional Office Address: 5084 DeZavala Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78249. USA

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