Join us as we #fast4families on November 29th,2020.

Throughout this pandemic, we have been unable to meet with our brothers and sisters seeking justice along the border in person and each and every day we remain separated, we know that they are experiencing danger, hunger, and injustice. In honor of their commitment to keep fighting, we are calling on supporters, churches, students, and justice seekers everywhere to join us for sun up to sun down water-only fast on Nov 29th, 2020 as a part of our end of year fundraising efforts.

Why November 29th? During a season in which we gather to celebrate with family and friends and at a time when we begin to kick off the advent season, we think it is important to stop and remember the Christ child who was a refugee in a foreign land and pray for those along the border who are separated from families and detained without access to justice. During this time, we are also encouraging everyone to donate whatever they would have spent on food for the day. 



Our goal for this year's effort is $10,000. Will you join us?

Thanks for joining us


Why will you fast?


John Burnam

The Exodus story is our story and I am choosing to fast as a recognition that the God of Moses, Abraham, and Isaac...the God of love and justice specifically calls us to action. We are all strangers in a foreign land and God calls to live in solidarity with those seeking refuge. 


In the same way we celebrate communion in representation and remembrance of Jesus the Christ, we use fasting as a representation and remembrance of our past. As migrants, present as asylees, and future as a community. May our hunger stand in solidarity and contemplation with those who hunger for safety and comfort.


migrant four.jpg

When we feed the hungry we are called saintly, when we question why hungry people are forced to flee their homes for safety we are told we are being too political.  I wish everyone would fast from labeling and realize in their hunger that they too would migrate and seek asylum if confronted with the dire alternatives. It is not about partisanship, its about compassion. 


Christina Martinez

Matt Lohimier