Migrant mother and child

A more just world is possible.

Whether it's your church small group, campus community, or just a small group of friends, join us in an effort to fight for equality, justice, and those seeking a better life.

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You have a passion for a better world. A world that demonstrates equality of opportunity for all people. Now's your opportunity to step up and help us serve our brothers and sisters along the border.

Join the fight for justice by getting involved in one of the following ways:


 Living Undocumented

Host a viewing and discussion on the Netflix series: Living Undocumented.


Fast For Justice

Fast for 24 hours and spread the word on justice for migrants.


Reputable Individual

Join us at the border and help us share the stories of our brothers and sisters in need


After joining one of these initiatives, we'll continue the conversation about starting a JFON advocacy chapter on your campus

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